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Helping Nicaragua

Discipleship and Evangelism

About Us

Discipleship and Evangelism

While others may be called to build physical churches, we have been called to help build the spiritual church. Our main focus is discipleship. On each trip we have from 5 to 10 young men staying with us much as their school schedule allows.  Sometimes this is a three day weekend retreat.  Sometimes it is for the whole week.

Our typical day starts off with Bible study. Sometimes we will follow a book such as Max Lucado's “Cast of Characters”.  Sometimes we will study a particular book of the Bible.  On shorter weekend retreats, we may try to cover topics that the young men are facing. These young men stay with us as we go about our day. They help us hand out tracts and candy to the kids. As God places opportunities in front of us, they are there with us to help minister to the people of Nicaragua. It may be towing a truck into Leon for repair or buying shoes for boys that help park cars at the grocery store. Throughout the day and in the evenings, we are available to these young men to discuss things going on in their lives.

In addition to the daily evangelism such as handing out tracts to people we give rides to, we typically have a larger evangelism event. Movie nights are always a hit. We rent a restaurant or set up in a local church and show a Christian based film. Afterward, myself or a local pastor will share the Gospel. Sometimes we may take on a small construction project such as rebuilding a kitchen. Whatever we do, we teach the young men to do as well.

Paul wrote to the Philippians, “Brethren, join in following my example, and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have in us.”(Php 3:17) We try to set a good example of the Christian walk so that those watching will follow.

The rewards are tremendous. We continue to talk to these young men after we return home. It is great to hear that they are continuing in the daily Bible studies that we started with them. I had rather see one genuine rededicated life to Jesus than 100 “salvations” made just so the gringos will come back and bring more food.

Helping Nicaragua, Ayudando, is a Christian missions organization devoted to Jesus Christ and spreading His love to the people in Nicaragua. We schedule multiple trips per year to the villages in the Leon and Chinandega area. Each trip is different. We minister in different ways to different people and their needs. We try to provide hope to people who have lost hope and spread the Gospel to those who need it most.